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The Quoting Process
based on our years of experience and thousands of EVSE installations in the tri-state area we have become experts at creating accurate quotes based on a list of simple information provided by our customer and a few pictures. 
To get started please respond to the questions below as best you can and send as many of the listed pictures as you can. With this information we will be able to work up a quote within a day or two.
please e-mail to jason.zawatsky@havepower.com

•            Your name, phone number and the installation address

•            Where do you plan on parking the EV. (In the driveway, in the left hand garage space, etc.)

•            What manufacture and model EV are you purchasing? If a TESLA please provide battery size. 

•            have you decided What EVSE (charging station) you are purchasing?

•            FOR TESLA OWNERS: Type of charger (NEMA 14-50 or TESLA wall connector.) 

             if you want the TESLA wall connector do you want it set to the 60 amp or 100 amp setting? 

•            Your desired timeline for completion of the installation.  (When will you be taking delivery of the car?)

•            When facing house, where is your electrical meter  (Left side, right side, rear, ect.)

•            When facing house, where is your electrical panel  (Left side basement, right side garage, basement rear, ect.)

•            Is your basement finished?

•            Are there any unused breaker slots (spares) in your electric panel?


Also the following pictures are required for an accurate quote: SEE BELOW FOR EXAMPLE PHOTOS of what we are looking for:

•           picture of all electrical panels with the door open, and clear enough so I can read the rating of each breaker and the circuit directory

•           picture of the wall that the electrical panel is mounted to, taken about 10 feet back.

•           picture of the mounting location for the charger

•           Overview shot of basement ceiling (unless panel is in garage, then ignore this one)

•           Overview shot of garage or carport

•           shot of the electrical meter standing 15 feet back so I can see the surrounding wall

•           Any other picture you may think we need to see

Also, if you have the ability to draw a very simple floorplan of your home that shows the location of the electrical panel relative to the desired location of the charger, that would be very helpful. This is not mandatory.

picture of all electrical panels with the door open:
notice how all the breaker ratings are clear and we can see what each breaker controls. if you have multiple panels, provide photos for each panel. we can also see the main breaker (big one at bottom) and spare breaker spaces in the panel.
picture of the wall that the electrical panel is mounted to, taken about 10 feet back.:
with this picture we can see what the wall surround the panel looks like.
Overview shot of garage or carport
this picture of the electrical meter is helpful as it shows the meter location relative to the house. a meter picture to close is not helpful.
 A sketch as simple as this is very helpful in providing a quicker turn around on the quote
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